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Men and women.....are you already caught up in the family law system?

Are you aware there is a 50% chance you will end up in a divorce and paying alimony which could result in your financial suicide?

Can you handle the payment of "lifetime" alimony?  Are you prepared for this eventuality? Read on....

This website was created in hopes of shortening your search time to find related sites to help you with your alimony and divorce related questions and to provide you with answers. It will also help you to prepare for your marriage so as to avoid the "Financial Suicide" and mitigate the problems that will arise should you encounter a marriage that has gone bad.

Getting married or divorced without first understanding what is involved is like trying to build a house without a blueprint. You need the correct information and tools that will enable you to successfully perform the job and achieve satisfactory results..

On this site's pages, you will find a compilation of information sources, support groups, ways to fight back against the alimony laws, ways to protect your assets from being confiscated by the family law courts and other data that will help you understand and arrive at your decisions to ease you in or out of marriage.

There are a lot of father's support groups in existence but only a few alimony oriented websites or organizations fighting to reform the alimony laws that place undue financial burdens on divorced spouses. This burden applies not only to men but to an increasing number of women who are the breadwinners in their families. Depending upon the length of the marriage, these burdens are oftentimes imposed for a lifetime, with little hope for relief.

It is not right for the family judicial system to interfere in your life. You are supposed to be protected by the constitutional guarantee of the Right to Privacy in matters related to your marriage. There is no government interference when you get married, so why should they interfere when there is a divorce (dissolution)?

Judges have unlimited discretion to intrude in your life, to strip you of your assets, to take your children away and to bind you to the court system for the rest of your life.

You are not alone, but you need to do something other than just sit back and let this happen. Become active in educating yourself as to what can be done and finding out how to stand your ground. The Marriage Strike is one way to protest the inequitable alimony laws.

More and more people are finding that they are unable to afford the high cost of lawyers and are turning to representing themselves on a "pro se" (without a lawyer) basis in order to save family assets by not incurring the legal fees.

According to the National Center For State Courts (NCSC), statistics show that, for family law cases in California alone: 67% of petitioners at filing (72% for largest counties) are self-represented and 80% of petitioners at disposition for dissolution cases are self-represented. Other states report similar statistics.

To help you represent yourself in family law court, there are many sources and references that will provide assistance. The best place to start is here.

You will find that the sites listed under the "Alimony Resources" in the menu are the good places to start your search for other groups that are attempting to reform the alimony laws.  

Alimony: A lottery


Alimony: A Wedding Scene

Click here for Marriage Strike details


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